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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Aborted Proposal

It must've been sweet. It could have been heart stopping. The story goes, while on board Cebu Pacific's 9am flight to Iloilo, this guy will leave seat 21G and approach one of the cabin crews. He will hand over a burgundy colored box where a 14k white gold diamond studded ring is securely cradled awaiting to be slipped unto the fingers of his sweetiepie.

Normally, the cabin crew has 3 prizes to give away during the on-flight game. Today its different as there will be 4 prizes. Only that the winner for last prize was already pre-chosen. The attendant will raise a question that only sweetie pie would answer to. Only to make sweetie beb realize the question was really intended for her to answer. The question would be, "will you marry me?" And the answer to which would have to be a resounding "YES!"...

But well, the story is unfortunately entirely fictitious. The product of wishful thinking. More often than not, you're bitten by reality and you've left with no choice but accept the fact that sometimes it's just your imagination running wild again. For the nth time. Bummer!

That story was how my wedding proposal was supposed to be. But then killer flu decided to strike before boarding time and sweetie pie was in a very, very sour mood. So the ring was pocketed off, stuck in that dark corner waiting for another great timing to arrive. But the moment never came and soon it was time to go back to the jungle called Manila and sweetiepie never got to doing the popping. So he decided to hide the ring somewhere safe for now. Where did he hide it? Inside the pocket of a traveling bag that we checked in! Imagine my horror when I learned about it.

Good thing, luck was on his side. The bag was brought home safely. Now it's time to unpack. It's sweetiebeb's turn to do so. And unfortunately, sweetiepie forgot about the ring! And voila, when sweetiebeb was emptying the luggage -- guess what she found. Well I guess, the rest of the story need not be told. The ring found it's way to sweetiebeb's finger after all.

I wish it would have been a lot more romantic. But either way, I'd still be as happy as I was when I saw the ring on the bag's pocket. And either way, I would have still said YES.

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