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Monday, August 27, 2007

we got our invites!!!!

got our invites already. yey yey.

they're as cute as i am hehehe. cant wait to distribute them. hihi.

will post pictures. as soon as i get hold of a better camera than what we have at home. he he he.

i liked the tags the most. printed matter works really fast. and efficient. and they were really nice to talk to.

there. can't contain my excitement, obviously.


wow...i looked at the date on my last entry and realized it's been sometime since i last posted an update here.

the last two weekends were all a swirling, whirlwind series of events. up to now, i still am a bit caught up and still catching my breath. but to cut the story short, God listened to my prayers. he gave me everything i prayed for. he is really truly good. tibs and i may both come from families who never had deep rooted faiths in God but we would like to start one has God as its center. because to us as individuals our faith played a large role in shaping us to become the persons that we are now.

after i got the confirmation i needed from my new employer, tibs and i resumed our preps. although this time, it felt like we were running out of time. so we are running and doing the preps like crazy. no more lazy days. tibs had to brush up on his people skills because he has to do the talking since i'm still on night shift till the end of this week. so far though, he hasn't failed me. we were able to book our foodtasting sched with Josephine's and submit all our banns last week.

Felt like we are on the right track now. My sis was also able to finish our unity candle. Just needs final touching on our monograms and it's all set. My gown however is a total disaster and Annalyn's had to remodel it coz i was really on the verge of breaking down when i did my second fitting. Tibs was in fighting form but i stopped him in time. I promised myself that till our wedding day, I am not going to pick a fight with any of our suppliers. And it will stay that way.

My trial with Am was also moved to an earlier date. We're doing it this weekend already! Prenup pictorial was rescheduled as well. Will pray for good weather on Saturday. I'm really excited to visit UP again. it's been sometime...

Anyways, this is all for now. Will chat more next time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

and now...the waiting part...

I am done with my pre emp medicals. Now, all I need to do is wait for 2 to 3 days and its either bad or good news for me.

Sometimes, anticipation can kill. That's what's happening to me right now. But I will just keep praying. And will heartfully accept whatever is the outcome of this gamble I took.

Six months of wedding preps might be lost soon. But I still hope God hears my prayers and award me with a win-win answer.

met a w@wie couple and their wacky friends

We met sis dindin and her fiance, felix, last saturday at a coffeeshop in Angeles City. They came with their couple friend - boch and faye (my namesake! yay). Both couples were very nice and we did not need a lot of time to warm up. Soon we were all engrossed in wedding-preps-related-conversations.

We had fun exchanging tips and ideas for our wedding preps. Boch and Faye had wonderful anecdotes and tips to share since they just recently married. Boch especially was really excited about his wedding. It was sort of a first time for me to see a groom whose really cheery about how wonderful his wedding turned out to be. I kept telling Tibs he should get tips from Boch. he he he.

I am looking forward to more stories over coffee. thanks Din for a wonderful night of pleasant stories. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

got our mock up invites and upcoming (?!?) life changing events

we received our mock up invites yesterday. we just had a few revisions but we went ahead and gave our go signal for printing. so the invites will be out soon! yipeee....

on the otherhand, i am praying praying hard that a decision that i might be making anytime this week will not in anyway affect our wedding plans. although i was assured that i should not worry about having to postpone the wedding...i still have reservations (that we might just really need to move it to a much later date).

i miss liz, she, kleng and have long dreamed of breathing some stateside air. and i am almost just a signature away from clinching that dream. tibs kept telling me to set aside some 'big' expectations like this one but i just cannot help but get excited.

on the otherhand, we might have discussed and sort of agreed to move the wedding to a much later date...and i might be overwhelmed with the latest update in my career...i still feel sad to even think that we might have to wait for a few more months before we make our union official...i've been too excited to even think of postponing. hay. but life's like that. sometimes, things just really get complicated.

i just hope God hears my prayers and that things will just fall into the right places.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Supplier Updates

Tibs barong arrived yesterday. Shipped from Iloilo by my sister and bought from Aklan by Daddy.
Got excited and ripped the package open almost immediately.

I was awed by how fine the weaving was. Finally, my worries were relieved. It was definitely a good decision to follow Daddy's advise. Tibs couldn't be any happier.

Update from printed matter: Our mock-up's now ready. Now, we just have to find time to drop by their store. Tibs is sick though and is not in the mood to bother himself with wedding preps for now. And he's requesting I nurse him. Yay. Demanding. He he he. But I have no choice but to follow's the hanibants desire. Dakila eh.

O sya...more updates soon!

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