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Monday, June 25, 2007

OA Sweets - Wedding Souvenirs

Met Farah today. She's such a sunny person. Despite of the weather today, and a very tiring day our meeting with Farah went okay. Daming baon na kwento. Tibs and I liked her instantly.

Ayun lang. I don't have a lot to share today 'coz it was a very disappointing day for Tibs today. We're supposed to get his passport but unfortunately we had problems with his birth certicate so we felt like a day was wasted.
But well, it must be the weather. Things will get better soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Invite printer found!

Had a brief chat with Andie of Printed Matter at Glorietta today. Finally, I found a printer whose willing to take in our order. One task down.

It's beginning to unfold. Most days, I can barely cover up my excitement.

I wish though my relationship with my mother and my sisters would improve soon. I was telling Tibs I have a feeling not everybody in my family's going to be present in my wedding. But well, I have to make a stand here. I am just praying that like what Rej said a week ago..."this too shall pass..."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where are we now, a month after preparations started?

One month after deciding to push thru with the church wedding, how are we doing?

We'll so far we're done with the major stuff...

Wedding Favors - OA Sweets (still to meet Farah though)

To do's -
HMU - Hopefully can get a referral from ate lea or des...(?)
Invites - c/o Scarlet ( you ma'friend)
Bride accessories - c/o Lorie (yahooo love you too ma'friend)
STD - c/o Tibs...bilisan mo na....para makapag ilabyu na din ako sa u. wehehhee
Des' Gown
Arrhae/Unity Coins - c/o Mara (yihee...swerte swerte ko tlg)
Pre nup pics - still to decide if it's really necessary

Whew. Ayan pa lang naaalala ko. Alam ko madami pa yan. Teka work muna ulet. hehehe. Kullleeet!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


It was a realization for us. Right after paying the reservation fee for the reception, we realize - this is finally it. What we really wanted since the day we openly admitted our love and devotion for each other is really happening!

Booked Josephine's already. Paid reservation fee...Anne was nice. I hope we won't have any 'big' issues with them...

Paid DP on the church as well. Ted was also very nice and accomodating. I think this aspect of the preps is gonna be easy breezy for us :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Panic Attack!

Tibs is spending the weekend in Pampanga today. I forgot to tell him days ahead that the bridal fair in Megamall is also happening this weekend. So ayun, I have two choices - I either go alone and book suppliers on my own or I will have to pass up on this event and just wait for the next one (who knows when though)...

We still have a long list on our to-do's. This morning I was talking to Daddy before he left for his flight back to Iloilo. He mentioned my disagreement with Mommy. But I was not reactive. I just decided I'd better stay numb with regards to topic about Mommy. Or else, I might just breakdown again. That I cannot afford anymore.

I already told Tibs I will not cry over the rest of this wedding preparation activities. No matter how tiring the work entails...I will not fret. I will not fret. Will just vent here he he he...

This Sunday, we're scheduled to make the ocular inspections on these following churches - Caleruega, Chapel on the Hill, Our Lady of Loudes Parish and lastly Ina ng Laging Saklolo (if all 3 fail to match our criteria), if left with no choice. I hate to make it sound like they fall last on our list as Ted (the church coordinator) was really nice and accomodating. But Tibs just wanted us to get whichever of these 4 would be worthy of the money we'll spend on church fees.

Hay I just hope we'll be able to seal the deal with Josephine's though. I really want to finalize at least one supplier before the week ends. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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