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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mommy, Please Don't Go To Work!

Yes, she was down to the point of begging this morning. The last few days found me always in this difficult situation each waking morning. It seems like the 5 days that we were together everyday has made an impression on this little boss that Mommy is not working out of the house anymore. I always had to sit her down and explain to her why I have to leave for work. Of course, I never get to win her approval. We still end up with more tears rather than a smile.

I am happy though that despite her young age, she still listens to me. This morning I told her that Mommies really have to work to help Daddies. In fact all of her friends Mommies also go to work. I got a wail in response. But that meant she understood what I was saying. What she did apart from the wailing was to command her dad to lock our bedroom. Funny thing is, our bedroom's down is the sliding type so we never really attempted to install any locks on it. We just close it if we want some privacy. But I guess to her the mere thought of it being closed means I will be forced to stay inside under her watchful eye.

Before our recent 5-day vacation happened, she never really cared each time I leave in the morning. That actually made me sad at times. I mean, what Mother won't feel bad when each time she'd say good-bye all she gets is a nod and nothing else. I had to force a kiss and a hug from her each time I left for work so this sudden change of behavior surprised me a bit. But then again, she's really young. So I guess, she's entitled to be inconsistent for now.

I just hope this is a temporary thing though. Because even if this does not affect me anymore (surprised at myself too!), if this becomes a long-term issue then we might be force to fast track on some plans which we do not want to do prematurely.

I resolved to take this all in a stride. Am just crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Because I do not want to deal with more drama tomorrow as I already did today.

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