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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday - UP Diliman Lagoon

Top photo: from an engagement photoshot from 5 years ago. This was taken around September, if I remember correctly; Bottom photo: taken just last Sunday, we stopped by to rest while walking around the UP Academic Oval after brunch. We came back to sit on the exact same tree this time as a family . 

This same tree witnessed several super typhoons already. Still it's there providing a resting place for the weary. You can never underestimate nature's gifts. That's why we always need to remember to take good care of them. I hope when Maia comes back to **hopefully** study here, this same tree still remains.


  1. Oh I love the photos Faye. Same tree but this time with a little girl =) That tree is so pretty!

  2. Aww. Now, that's sweet :3

  3. Thank you for stopping by DevMommy! :) We rarely get a family photo like this because I am usually the one holding the camera. But I just had to seize this rare opportunity!

  4. thanks pepper! i hope no one will ever think of taking that tree out of there. :)


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