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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Define Happiness

After a recent petty fight with the husband, I decided to list down the things that make me happy. Well, basically as a reminder for me more than for him.

What really is happiness for me? These are the few things that immediately came to my mind:
  • a healthy, nurturing marriage
  • an improvement in the house (repaint? pwede! new furniture? pwede din!)
  • good health for our entire family (and that includes the extensions most especially)
  • new running gear (GEAR and NOT GADGET)
  • a good camera (not necessarily expensive)
  • new school/art supplies
  • an oven or maybe even just new pots to use in the kitchen
  • a big bar of dark chocolate (no particular brand, even Goya would do the trick)
  • a positive balance on our bank account at the end of the month
  • date nights
  • lots of hugs and kisses
It's a mish-mash of both tangible and intangible stuff. But you would see really, how mababaw I am. Some days though, I do get swept by the materialism of this world and would wish for things that would probably fall under the category of WANT rather than NEED. And I guess this list can help me get back to my senses when I am overwhelmed by my material desires. 

What makes you happy? Please do share.


  1. I think, that's a healthy thing you're doing. Emotionally and psychologically. I do that too...most of the times. Everyone's entitled to superficiality. I'm guilty of that too.

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    1. Thanks Len! I do feel more stable every time I do this exercise. Should do this more often :)

  2. This post makes me happy =) It's always a good thing to do a heart check. Stay happy Faye! =)

    1. Hey Pepper! I'm taking queue from you. You're posts are always filled with happiness they're so contagious! :))


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