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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today I Braved Black Friday

We've been warned. But yes...we've always believe in learning from experience. So off we braved the streets of Phoenix and head straight to Circuit City in Camelback. Bits of apprehension and anxiety kept nagging at us for failing to be at the store before the 5am opening schedule.

Yes, we have been repeatedly warned. But we were too tired to drag our asses out of bed on a very very cold day.

Good thing the delayed effort still paid off. We got the pretty merchandises that we came for. Weheheeeee....but mind you. It took us 6 hours to get to the counter. If not for the Ethan-Hawke-Lookalike at the check out counter...we would have join the herds of men and women that were barking the whole day at the store's managers.

And now yes we got what we came for. And before we retire tonight..we're proud to have survived Black Friday. :) But yes. People go insanely mad on Black Friday. Thanks for the warning Karen!

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