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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Catching Up With Good Ol' Friends

Age is very evident in conversations. Reg, Liz and I have proven that when we met up for lunch yesterday. 10 years ago, we would have had that lengthy conversation over bottles of red horse and with batch 95 mascots around. But well, change is indeed inevitable as the cliche goes. Now who would have thought be lunching over conversations of our families (the one we can call our own at that!) miles away from Mely's, Duey's, 3rd spot or even our beloved UPV campus classrooms. It was a nostalgic day for the 3 of us. And yes we did have a lot of catching up to do because the lunch stretched to coffee time and before we knew it it's time to go or else i'll miss my flight.

Before heading back to Phoenix, Lissa took me to mass at Saint Joachim Catholic Church in Costa Mesa. Then it was time to go. I hate bye-byes. But I know. Like I knew when Lissa said bye bye 4 years ago...that we will see each other again here. By then, maybe I'll be visiting with Tibs already.

Reg...who's gonna pay for lunch then??? :) Your boys are both gonna be men by then! Yey. Post the pictures soon...

Yes age is evident. But this is one of those aging moments that I was glad to happen.

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