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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Tree Is Up!

This tree has been standing in our living room for almost a month now but we didn't light it up till last weekend since it felt bare then and I was hoping to fill it up with A LOT of handmade ornaments

Fast forward to four weeks after Tibs finished wrapping the tree up with 6 rolls of garland, my holiday project was only able to produce 25 pieces of handmade ornaments. What I deemed to be something simple and easy turned out to be a lot more tedious to make that I'd imagined. Since we only have 12 days left before Christmas, I've resigned and decided to just content myself with whatever I was able to finish. What matters after all is we were able to achieve our goal - that is to come up with a tree that is both storage and budget-friendly. The handmade part was just a bonus that spurred from what was supposed to be just a weekend project for me and Maia which eventually got me hooked.

Anyways, without further ado, I present to you -- Our Christmas Tree!

(I am apologizing in advance for the chop chop look because I do not know how to 'merge' the photos using a photo software other than Picnik. Poor me)

Pretty Tree, Pretty Tree
You definitely brightened our Holiday!


  1. Nice! I think that 25 ornaments were enough for your tree - it looks great. Congrats on your successful project.:)


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