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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unto The Next Running Challenge - 36th Milo Marathon Elims

I know I promised to train harder for my next race. But as always, my original plans took a detour. After my race last February, our household got busy with schooling issues then yaya issues. Then work got the best of me (and still has as I still am drowning on it till now). Life just seems to really get more and more complicated as you progress with adulthood. Sigh. Right now my ONLY goal is surviving all these with my sanity still in tact and THE ONLY game plan I have is just to simply RIDE it out. And praying hard that somehow, someway, I'd get some form of respite along the way.

Running is one thing that help keep me sane. Well, it is in fact the only exercise that I can really commit myself to do regularly so technically it's also the only form of destress that I have at the moment. So despite having time management issues, I tried my hardest to squeeze at least 30-min runs every other day. And somehow that helped keep meltdowns at bay. I had a crazy schedule but I was at my most stable state! All this time! (That's a big yay, for the hubby and the little lady!)

So I have been steady and stable. With my running, as with my life. But since I've always been inclined to challenge my sanity I try to up the ante on my exercise regimen by signing up in a race once in a while just to inject a little excitement into my routine. So as if the complications in my life aren't enough right now, I recently signed up for my second half-marathon. Tibs and I have officially registered for the 36th Milo National Marathon Eliminations. AND I ONLY HAVE 1 MONTH TO TRAIN HARD FOR IT.

Suffice to say, we have been working doubly hard this past few weeks just to catch up with the training but of course we know that even that cannot ever compensate for the benefits that we would have gained had we been guided with say a 3-month training plan. I can only hope that the mini-cardio work outs that I've been doing in between our 5k runs for the past 6 months would work their miracle and churn out extra endurance powers for me to meet the 2.5 hour cut off for 21k runners. I might never forgive myself if I don't finish this race as this will probably be the first and last time that I will get the chance to join in. I am not exaggerating. With the rising cost of races these days, I don't think I'll ever consider signing up to the same race again (not unless somebody signs me in for free maybe).

This is probably one of the biggest challenge on my time management skills but I am going to stick my guns to this. And I will do this. And I will cross that FINISH line (injury-free!). As the race jersey goes - KAYA MO YAN! I say -- OO KAKAYANIN KO TO!

For more information about this race please visit: or

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