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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I used to take birthday celebrations for granted. I don't even take a minute to thank God for it. But all that changed after my PT diagnosis. Now on every birthday, I never forget to give thanks. For another year to spend with my loved ones. For another year to play Mommy to my adorable daughter. For one more year to show (and not just say) my husband how much I love him. 

It's always in my birthday month that we experience being financially strapped the most (used to be due to our summer spending and now because of school season. I know we can do better. We do need help to be financially wiser). But these past few years, I didn't seem to feel like we are. And we always try our hardest to celebrate. Even in the simplest way. 

This year (thank God for group buying sites I was able to get us vouchers for Cyma), we celebrated by dining out. It's a rare treat for us since to my husband's discriminating palate nothing will ever beat my homecooking so what's the point really of spending much on dining when we can actually enjoy it in the comforts of our home. But then again, I tell him, sometimes it does help to change the ambiance. So once in awhile we do indulge (albeit, only on very special occasions). It was timely that my Mom was also over for a visit and was able to celebrate with us. My birthday was a wet and stormy one but I felt the warmth by having the people I love the most around to celebrate it with.

rare photo of tibs and me. thanks to my mom for taking this photo
Maia and Lola hamming it up (a rare photo op too for these two)
enjoying their food with great gusto!
she loves resto trips now that she thinks she already has the authority to order food for everyone (and she did that day lolz)


  1. Belated happy birthday Faye! That's also how we eat out these days - using coupons from discount sites. Why pay full price? =)


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