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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Almost Christmas

It has been a long and tiring weekend for me. But I'm happy to report that I was able to cross out one of the things that I listed to do this month. And I got to squeeze in a few hours to do 2 more although the running mileage thing will have to wait till the end of the month for me to really say that I nailed all of my goals down. The photobook is almost done and I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow night (the deadliest of deadlines). I'm rather proud of myself. And I hope it does turn out way nicer than it looks now. I'm not giving myself any room for disappointments here because as I didn't set any standards for this in the first place. So really, as long as I get to finish it in time is already a huge thing. I learned a painful lesson yet again here caused by putting off organizing our gazillion of photos (accumulated) for years (4 years to be exact). Now everytime I sift through each folder, it either makes me want to delete the entire thing altogether or suddenly overwhelms me with so much memories of kid's early years. 

So anyway, what I (well WE in fact because it was due to the kid's prodding that this happened) managed to accomplish this weekend was getting our old tree out. The hubby wanted to postpone it a day later but the kid wouldn't hear the end of it so it left the hubby no choice but to drag the humongous thing out (it's a 7-foot tree in fairness) and strip it off it's protective covering (that is a garbage bag). The big frown on his face disappeared almost instantly the minute he bared the tree off its plastic wrapping and realizing how storage friendly the thing was. It's in perfectly good shape. No bent stems to twist. The lights were perfectly working. All we needed to do was just hang the handmade ornaments (also from last year's). 

When Ate Inday and the kid finally got all the ornaments hanged, I realized the tree still looked bare. I mentally counted how many days are left till Christmas and thought well I can still make more ornaments. Maybe not as many as last year's but I still have room to make at least a dozen. (if you have pretty patterns to share, please do. I'm desperate here)

So anyways, sharing here photos that I managed to take last night. I like the glaring effects that the lights make on my phone camera. I'm suddenly even more excited for Christmas especially since I managed to convince the hubby to accompany me to Dapitan Arcade again. We're going next weekend. I can't wait for that trip!

Old, but still pretty
kid immediately grabbed the ornaments the minute her dad plugged in the lights.
she was just so happy she had to shout: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Christmas na!

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  1. I am really liking your ornaments Faye! Great job! =)


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