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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bound For Japan

The last time I exited the country was almost 6 years ago. When I had to leave for 6 weeks to the US to train for the job that I am currently handling (but by God's grace will soon be turning over to somebody else).  I was just married then. For a week to be exact. But I knew a month before my wedding that I will be leaving. It was sad and I missed my husband terribly bad.

My visa was a buzzer beater. I got it a day before our scheduled departure. 
Tomorrow, I am finally ending my 6-year record. I will be leaving for Japan for a week and will leave my family behind. I already announced it to my 4 year old last week. But she didn't seem to mind that Mommy is going to be away (for the first time) for that long. I worry. She doesn't really get along well with her dad. I mean, they adore each other but they fight like cats and dogs when they're in the same room together for longer than an hour.

But my best option right now is to just get them to promise to be good with each other while I'm away. So I did. The kid made me note and the daddy demonstrated his affection over breakfast the day by fixing her a plate. I wonder how long exactly that will last. I hold on to the thought that we all need this. And we will all have something to take away from this experience (me learning to let go of my 'neurotic' parenting tendencies, the husband learning to stand on his own, and for the kid one more step towards independence). 

Wish us all luck! (because we really them a lot of them. haha!)

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