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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So You Finished A Marathon, Now What?

After finishing our first full marathon last February, we would often get asked this question: "So, what's next  in store for you?"
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Honestly, I didn't make plans after that marathon. I thought work is probably going to eat up most of my 2013 as I am expecting a lot of changes happening for me in that department. But guess what, the minute that question was popped I was just so quick to answer - Make THE STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON in SINGAPORE my second FULL Marathon!
And I gave that answer to who else but my husband's adrenaline junkie friends. So now, I've given my word. And that's where we're headed at the end of this year. Hopefully. 

I say hopefully because I know the minute the registration for that race is opened, they sell out faster than a speeding bullet train (hahaha, here i go again with my weird made-up metaphors). But we'll be watching out for that really tight. I hope we do manage to get a slot. For now, we all focus on our individual training goals.

So now this leaves us with plotting out a game plan. And despite my resignation to lie low on running this year, my body is retorting violently so I just couldn't give that up like that. And those weekend long runs are really hard to pass up. Right now, I'm really missing them so bad. (and the belly is filling up with dreaded fats again, I just couldn't let that happen).

So what's our training plan then? Well for the hubs and me, we plan to do the Milo Marathon again in July. We hope to finish strong this time. No cramps and with a good time (like a sub 2 and a half, especially for me). Then maybe come October we'll do a 32km race. Hopefully too (because that race has a rather steep registration fee in our books so I will have to save up for it). 

I also plan to take strength training more seriously this time. Any suggestions on how I can start with that? 

I guess there's really no turning back for us now. Unless something major like hmmm getting pregnant happens along the way, it's probably safe for me to make it a goal to run at least one marathon every year. Who knows, before I turn 40 maybe I can qualify to run in one of the world marathon majors (told ya I am a big dreamer!).


  1. You go girl! I know you'll make your goals happen! :-) We kinda share the same game plan. It's going to be full speed ahead until a baby comes along. hehe.

  2. thank you Aimee! i feel mentally and emotionally healthier challenging myself this way. i hope too i will get my running groove back soon so i can get back into full training mode.


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