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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May!

I blinked and it's now May.

Was I that busy that I didn't feel the first quarter of the year go by and now the second quarter's almost halfway through? 

In the past, my summers have always been dedicated to mother-daughter weekends but none of that is happening this year. The thought stirs the kind of emotions that is of the complicated kind. The more I think about it, the more sadder it gets though. I don't want to stay in that zone. Because I did pray for these blessings that I am currently getting. And yes, my gratitude basket is filled to the brim. I really have no right to complain.

I am now blessed to be doing what I really love to do. And that is to mentor people. I love to teach because it makes me feel like I am helping make the world a better place. Haha self-indulging, I know (bordering on gloating in fact but I have to say that so I will push myself to work harder to making that happen). I hope the people I am mentoring now is indeed learning from me. For now, every thank you that I receive is already fulfilling on its own. A sort of validation. And again, that goes into my gratitude basket.

I am blessed too to be surrounded by a solid support group. Of bosses who empower and colleagues who readily extends help despite being overwhelmed with individual tasks themselves. 

The world is still filled with goodness. 

So yes, I'm a little shaken that it's already May but I can't wait to rock the rest of this year. And in retrospect, maybe I didn't feel time move at all because everything's been rolling great since 2013 opened its doors. It's been a smooth ride for the most part (and I was expecting bumpy).

So anyway, I know I'm probably not making any sense to you. But when I spill out my thoughts like this, things start to clear out in my head and I start to make sense out of what's going on around me. And for that, I am thankful that I have this space to help me do that.

I hope May is going to be awesome for you, friends! 

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