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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sun and Sand

We are going to be beach bound  soon with a couple friend to an island somewhere down south. The last time we were in that island was for our belated 'honeymoon' in December 2007. I was never the beach-loving type (and truthfully I do feel the island is rather overrated)  but I don't know why I am suddenly giddy about this trip.

Maybe because we haven't done much travelling in 2012? We were never really big on trips but we've always liked exploring different places (albeit on a budget) and I guess, I do miss doing that. And yes, I do need a break. From work. From the hustle and bustle of being a working mom. But yes, we are bringing the kid along so it's really not yet a total break from motherhood. Just from the chaos of the city is more like it.

Meanwhile, putting these old photos up in here to remind me that I once had that youthful glow in me. Where did that go? Haha. Most days I still feel young though and maybe that's a lot more important than merely looking it. I just have to find out how to let that 'inner glow' out so to speak.

what's this crepe place again? 
have yet to take my best sunset photo. maybe this time it won't be that elusive anymore.
keeping my fingers crossed.

gotta remember to take photos of 3 pairs of feet this time. 
I fervently hope and pray for good weather not so much for me and the husband but for the kid who is just as excited to take this trip. 


  1. loving the last photo! Enjoy your trip to the beach little Miss! =)

  2. thank Pepper! it was a fun trip! I wish we could stay longer!


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