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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recipe: Breakfast Burrito

photo posted in Instagram
A few weeks ago, my college bff who is now based in the US was here from a month long vacation. We got together over dinner with our respective families and other college buddies. We started reminiscing about my brief stay with her when I visited the US in 2007.

The day after our dinner meet up, I remembered the first meal I had in CA was a fat tasty burrito. I took an early flight out of Phoenix then to spend a weekend with her in Orange County. She picked me up from the airport and we drove through a burrito place. That memory had me craving for burritos. Luckily, I saved a packed of tortilla bread in our freezer. I quickly searched the web for a simple breakfast burrito recipe and realized that well, I can easily make my own recipe up...with whatever is available in our fridge.

So I thawed the tortilla out. Heated the pan. And started chopping. I didn't think my family would like it, but they surprisingly did. It was a hit, especially to my little girl.

Shared a photo in instagram and a few friends asked for a recipe. So here goes, my very easy quick breakfast burrito recipe.

Cooking time: really quick, like 5 mins
Prep time: depends on how fast you chop and how many you would be chopping but roughly 10mins in my case

What you will need:

- tortilla bread, I used herbed tomato tortilla from French Baker
- shredded lettuce, I used iceberg for this one
- plum tomatoes, chopped
- white onion, chopped
- bell peppers (red, green, yellow, whatever you have), chopped
- grated cheese
- scrambled eggs
- Japanese mayo
- optional -- diced leftover chicken, longganisa, tocino


How to assemble:

- reheat your tortilla bread, takes about 1-2 mins per side or when the bread is already soft enough to roll
- squeeze about a teaspoon of japanese mayo and spread thinly unto one side of the tortilla.
- dump in the veggies. I took a spoonful of each since the tortilla is small (just about 6 inches in diameter)
- top with scrambled eggs and grated cheese
- roll firmly to form a log.
- enjoy!!!

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