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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 100-Day Countdown

Technically, it's not the start of our 100th day countdown because that day's 3 days past already. Since I was not able to mark that day here I'll just make a post-100 day comment :) (blabbering again, here i go...)

Saturday I was really exhausted from our divi trip. Day was scorching hot and I was all sweaty when we arrived in Anna's shop. We went thru the variety of designs for Tibs' barong since we decided to change the material to pure pina cloth. We thought, yeah, it's going to cost us but well this is a rare occassion for Tibs' why not go for the best...he he he. So there, we picked a design and Anna quoted the price.'s a loooot more expensive than my gown. But I told Tibs' to go ahead as he was kinda looking a me with that worried expression on his face. I know he really wanted that design. I was happy with my gown already....I just want him to be happy with his as well.

Anyways, the gown fitting was a bit uncomfortable at first. At first glance, Tibs blurted - "ang lapad mo sweet"...I myself could not believe I was that big. But when I got into the dress, I heaved a sigh of relief when I found out they just made it like 2 sizes larger than it was supposed to. But the designed turned out better than I expected. Although it was far from the look that I really wanted to achieve. But still, I was thanking God it did not turn out to be a disaster.

So there, done with my first fitting. But did not have pictures to show yet. Was not able to download it from tibs' phone. But will post it soon....

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