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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HMUA Hunting

Have touched based with a prospective supplier. The last important supplier that I need to book to make this wedding happen. I'm meeting her this Friday. She sounded very nice over the phone and I hope that impression remains the same until my wedding day ;-)

Am Yap was a recommendation from a fellow w@wie, Teacher Louise. Out of all the HMUAs that I considered and quoted, Am was one of the few who quoted cheap but looked to be a quality pick. Quoting Louise, Am is a budding HMUA. Well, following her thought...I also would like to believe that budding artist should always be given a venue to prove her worth. I hope my TMU goes well so I can make up my mind on whether to book her or not. But my gut-feel tells me...its gonna be her :)

Will update soon! I'm excited to meet her this Friday.

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