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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pre-cana seminar and meeting KJ

This whole month of July is the busiest month we've had since we officially got engaged. But this sort of brings me a feeling of relief because it tells me how determined we are to make this wedding a beautiful one despite the budget constraints and other problems that we've been having since we decided to push through with our church wedding.

Here;s my documentation of what has taken place over the weekend.

Saturday - we again head off to Tagaytay for our pre cana seminar. We were unfashionably late and had to take some 'beating' from our first speaker. Whew. We did apologize though. And she accepted it wholeheartedly. Moving on, the seminar was sort of an eye opener for a sense, we realized that there is still a lot of things to work out. Between me and Tibs. Between us and our families. But mainly, in our relationship we do have a long way to go in terms of dealing with our day-to-day interactions in a mature way. And I'm glad Tibs willingly listened and shared his thoughts in some of the discussions. It was a 'breakthrough' for my very very shy hanibants. :)

Sunday - we finally met with KJ. Our prospect photographer who was recommended by my dear friend Mich. KJ took photos of her wedding and I know he is passionate about what he does. Our only concern here is if he will fit our budget. And voila - he did! Now we're just waiting to sign the contract with him. He's really very very very nice. Up to now, I still can't believe he gave us that price for the package that we got! :)

So was a tiring but very, very fruitful weekend.

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