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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

got our mock up invites and upcoming (?!?) life changing events

we received our mock up invites yesterday. we just had a few revisions but we went ahead and gave our go signal for printing. so the invites will be out soon! yipeee....

on the otherhand, i am praying praying hard that a decision that i might be making anytime this week will not in anyway affect our wedding plans. although i was assured that i should not worry about having to postpone the wedding...i still have reservations (that we might just really need to move it to a much later date).

i miss liz, she, kleng and have long dreamed of breathing some stateside air. and i am almost just a signature away from clinching that dream. tibs kept telling me to set aside some 'big' expectations like this one but i just cannot help but get excited.

on the otherhand, we might have discussed and sort of agreed to move the wedding to a much later date...and i might be overwhelmed with the latest update in my career...i still feel sad to even think that we might have to wait for a few more months before we make our union official...i've been too excited to even think of postponing. hay. but life's like that. sometimes, things just really get complicated.

i just hope God hears my prayers and that things will just fall into the right places.

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