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Friday, August 3, 2007

Supplier Updates

Tibs barong arrived yesterday. Shipped from Iloilo by my sister and bought from Aklan by Daddy.
Got excited and ripped the package open almost immediately.

I was awed by how fine the weaving was. Finally, my worries were relieved. It was definitely a good decision to follow Daddy's advise. Tibs couldn't be any happier.

Update from printed matter: Our mock-up's now ready. Now, we just have to find time to drop by their store. Tibs is sick though and is not in the mood to bother himself with wedding preps for now. And he's requesting I nurse him. Yay. Demanding. He he he. But I have no choice but to follow's the hanibants desire. Dakila eh.

O sya...more updates soon!

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