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Monday, August 13, 2007

met a w@wie couple and their wacky friends

We met sis dindin and her fiance, felix, last saturday at a coffeeshop in Angeles City. They came with their couple friend - boch and faye (my namesake! yay). Both couples were very nice and we did not need a lot of time to warm up. Soon we were all engrossed in wedding-preps-related-conversations.

We had fun exchanging tips and ideas for our wedding preps. Boch and Faye had wonderful anecdotes and tips to share since they just recently married. Boch especially was really excited about his wedding. It was sort of a first time for me to see a groom whose really cheery about how wonderful his wedding turned out to be. I kept telling Tibs he should get tips from Boch. he he he.

I am looking forward to more stories over coffee. thanks Din for a wonderful night of pleasant stories. :)

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