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Thursday, February 14, 2013


It wasn't really the box of chocolates that won me over but that small piece of note that came with it. He never ever did notes. So this one, even if was just a one-liner note that said: "For putting up with me" it meant a whole lot to me.

Getting him to write a note felt like he is finally owning up to his share of growing up in this relationship. I felt like he finally put our growing up contract in writing and signed it to make it officially binding. And we married folks know that making a marriage work requires a lot of maturing from both couples. I take this note as a sign of my husband finally realizing this as well.

Yes my marriage is a work-in-progress. And it will probably remain that way after we celebrate our silver anniversary and even gold or diamond if the Lord permits.

The box of Patchi made me happy. I wouldn't deny that (as I've been salivating over a mere photo of their chocolates for so long now). After biting on a small piece last night, I knew the price is justifiable. But the note that came with most definitely trumped that box of dark chocolates.

Thank you sweetie. I told you that next year, a love letter would be enough. And I will hold on to that. Just make sure you write the letter yourself ha. Don't make your daughter write it for you. Hehe. I love you to bits. From head to toe. From To the moon and back.

p.s. So you see sweetie, surprises aren't that hard to pull at all. Agree now?

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