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Friday, February 15, 2013

Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 Photos Now Up!

Bookmarking this and linking up for future reference. Here are some of our photos that I've downloaded. Sadly, there isn't much to download. And there's only one clear photo of me and Tibs together. Well, he did leave me right after the 5th kilometer but there was once instance he signalled to a photographer to take a pic of us together. But then an overzealous runner cut us (parang nasa traffic lang) and blocked the photographer's best angle of us. The photographer did manage to snap our pic but it turned out to be blurry. Bummer. Seriously, I like the running photos that photovendo churns out. I wish next year is going to be a lot better. Maybe get more photographers? A marathon after all is a milestone event in a runner's life. It's only apt that they're documented through numerous photos.

photobombed. big time. lol.
sweaty but thrilled to be in this race. i was told to have fun and i seriously took that to heart.

Just a few meters away from the finish line. 

This is when I told Tibs to go ahead because I've finally established my pace. Running at around 7:12/km here. I maintained that pace for almost 3 hrs. 
Here's the link to the complete photo files: Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 (by Active Moments)

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