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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missed Runs And Breaking The Slack

I'm back to slacking again. A week has passed and nary a mile was logged.

A week after our marathon, I suffered a mild asthma attack and incidentally red read an article in Active Run that went like - when down with a cold do you risk it? or rest it? -- Believing I do deserve the rest, I opted to just do 2 milers twice that week. I felt temporary relief but in the afternoon, I was having back pains so I decided to just take the rest of the week off from running. I nailed the "I DESERVE TO REST after all that hard work" excuse in my head to somehow drive the guilt away.

What I hate though is when I slack off with my runs, I also tended to turn to unhealthier food choices. I've been feasting on junk food for the past few days and now I'm feeling sluggish all day. The lethargy drives me to take in more cups of coffee than my self-imposed quota. And of course, coffee goes very well with cookies or a slice of cake so before I can stop myself I grab the closest pack of cookies that I can get my hands on and devour it like crazy. It's a vicious cycle that started off with me skipping my runs. 

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. I kept chanting that till I got home and last night I was finally able to break the laziness off despite the kid begging me to just do some indoor exercises and the husband demanding we eat dinner already. I waved that off and just headed out. I told myself I just needed 20 minutes and ran 2 miles. I didn't realize how I missed the smell of the cold night breeze and the feel of sweat dripping like crazy on my chin as I stop to take a deep breath amid the threat of a side stitch. I ran at 5.30/km on the first few minutes and it felt soooo good.

And since that felt really good, I'm doing it again tonight. I won't let anything stop me. Because yes, come to think of it, what is 20 minutes these days anyways? I spend even more time browsing through Facebook updates. And that one, I can just let go.

Sharing some inspirations and words of motivation that I came across on Pinterest today. Hope you're all having a great week!

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