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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday Musings.

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It's a Friday. Yehey!

In my head there's festive music playing, colorful and bright pompoms up in the air, cheerdance. You get my point. There's a party happening in my head already.


I've got a million things to do before I actually call it a happy weekend. NO make it a TRILLION.

I hope your Friday is rocking. As early as Monday, I was already looking forward to this Friday and envisioning a date night with the husband. I've been bugging him to take me out drinking. I miss those one for the roads that we used to do before when we were younger and still dating.

photo from Pinterest
BUT. There are more important things to attend to now than drink. I didn't say that to make you feel guilty, if you're a working mom like me and is planning to go out drinking tonight. GO! You deserve it! You earned it! I really meant that for me. This morning while discussing plans for the day with my husband, I already decided to do what I deem is best for me. I'm lacing up for another 4-miler date run tonight.

But I might cap the night off with an episode of Grey's Anatomy and a glass of wine with the hubs (well, I know I'll end up drinking 2 glasses since he's really not fond of wine) to finally make that imaginary celebration in my head happen.

However your day turning out to be I am sincerely wishing you Happy Friday, friend!

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