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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello June!

I was about to type in: JUNE is here. School season has landed. Then stopped to check my 2012 entries. I feel like I'm writing the exact same thing for my June post last year. But alas, no Hello June for 2012. Good for me.

Yes, in my part of the world, June will always be the start of school season. And of the rainy season (when I was in grade school the term was Wet season, I don't know if that remains true to this day though). 

For our little family, I don't know what June has to offer yet. I've been overly exhausted from back to back trips for work. I feel like I missed the chance to actually feel excited about the incoming school season.  That thought makes me a little sad as I've always looked forward to school season. The smell of plastic covers, notebooks, fragrant erasers, ahhh even the smell of graphite is something I've always looked forward to. (Yes, I'm really addicted to school supplies)

Before I left for my second trip to Japan, I frantically tried to complete every thing that the kid needed for the coming school year. I felt that if I joined the rush, I will just collapse in the middle of the mob (and really, that's how National Bookstore is like these days. My happy place isn't that happy right now so I'm intentionally keeping myself away from it for the next 2 weeks). 

I need to get out of this rut soon. I need to shake off this gloom or else it will totally consume me. I don't like myself so much these days. I miss sleep. I miss my lazy weekends. I miss cooking for my family. I miss my long runs. I AM MISSING A LOT OF THINGS.

(And this has got to stop, Faye)

June is going to see me finally getting back to my old self. YES. That's the primary agenda this month.Wish me luck!

p.s. Still despite feeling out of funk I'm glad that the minute I woke up, I still remembered my dear Lola Pila's birthday. Hope you're having a rocking birthday celebration up there Lola.Keep watching over us. Keep praying for our safety and good health. We Love You!

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