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Sunday, October 20, 2013


We're starting a new tradition this year (a tradition that I'm not really sure if we can sustain...but...), the morning of our anniversary we set off to fly out of Manila and into one of the most beautiful places here in the Philippines.

We never had a grand honeymoon so this serves as our little redemption. An 'almost' honeymoon with the kid and her yaya in tow.

No fancy dinners here. No fireworks. Surprise gifts for this year. But this place here. It's more than amazing for me.

Happy anniversary my hanibants. Thank you for taking me and your little princess here!


  1. New follower here! You have interesting blog posts. Curious ako sa piece of haven na ito here in the Philippines :))

  2. Thank you cheekeegirl for dropping by! :) This place is Siquijor. Beautiful place!


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