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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ready to Tackle 2014!

So it's a new year again. A fresh start for everyone. Have you listed down your resolutions? Well, I've personally stopped listing down mine a long time ago. But what I do is draft a plan for the year. Last year was a grand one that was put t a halt because I had to make a big room for a major change at work.

For 2014, I still am making plans. But nothing grand. I do not want to be overwhelmed this time. Just one project every quarter.

Q1 - Herb Garden Project. I've been keeping a Pinterest board for that project since the beginning of 2013. I hope to finally start that this weekend.

Q2 - Baking lessons. Tibs bought me a gas oven as a 2013 parting gift (also to commemorate all of the hardwork I've put in 2013. I plan to learn how to bake in Q2 in preparation for the kid's birthday as I want to make a homemade birthday cake for her this time.

Q3 - DIY Party for Maia's 6th birthday. I plan to do more crafts this quarter, improve on my artistic skills since I'm not really very creative. I'm one of those moms who really thank God for Pinterest. I want to do more DIYs this year. I want my little girl to feel I've put in more effort this time to make her birthday party more special.

Q4 - Home improvements. I plan to repaint our house this year. The last time we had our house repainted was Oct 2008 when I gave birth to Maia. I think it's high time we have it repainted. I've been planning to repaint it with teal. But the 3 of us will take a vote. We'll see how that goes.

That's how rough my plans are for 2014. Not filled with details but I'm just happy I got to list them down. I need to be constantly reminded so I'm posting them here.

How about you, have you drafted a list? My friend Toni's goals for 2014 are very inspiring. Go check it out here.

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