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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

25 Days To My Marathon Dream

I only have 25 days left to prepare for my first marathon finish. Today I learned that I can actually raise pledges to help several causes apart from the mangrove seedlings that will help preserve the Mangrove forests here in our country (which automatically came with our registration by the way). I'm still trying to make up my mind on which one to choose but what tops my list would be the I CAN SERVE FOUNDATION, of course. I will discuss with the husband tonight. And hopefully I could campaign among friends next week. At least knowing that I am raising funds to help a good cause can help motivate me more to reach the finish line. 

I am aiming for 6 hours or less. I hope I will have enough strength to make that target. Last Sunday, we finally made our first 30 kilometers (but it took us 4 hours to do it, mind you) and we almost crawled. While I was cooling down and stretching, I wasn't able to stop myself from letting out a shout --- "Ahhhhhhhh 12 kilometers more!!!" -- instead of just a deep exhale. I am seriously doubting if I can make that finish but maybe, just maybe, committing myself to raise pledges will give me the extra boost to cover 12 more kilometers.

On February 3, can you please offer a short prayer for me? A friend tells me that reaching that finish line will forever change my life. And I absolutely have no doubt it will. 


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