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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Year Ago...

I traversed the Skyway from Alabang to Bicutan and back. Ran strong and was confident to finish at less than 2 hrs and a half but cramped out at the 18th kilometer mark and painfully limped my way to the finished line. I think I hurt my ego more than my body by being so careless and mindless of how my race strategy should be. And yet I got this to prove a tiny woman like me born with no athletic bone or muscle in her body can finish a half-marathon armed with mostly just guts and determination (because I was too laid back and honestly, lazy to train hard then):

In 4 days, I'm coming back to run on that same Skyway. But this time I am aiming to conquer the entire length of it (and a couple loops more on some parts of it) and get this in return:

I am not as anxious as I was last year. I would say I did put more work this time around. I did clock in more training mileage than I'd actually expected (so yes, dun pa lang I'm giving myself a big pat on the back already). I am hoping to step into that Skyway this time armed with a more mature heart and a more sensitive spirit to know how far I can stretch my body's capability. 

I am about to cross out another one off my life list (which I have yet to pen down in here to make it official, I will find time soon) so this is rather an exciting time for me. Forgive the exaggerated tone. Please say a little prayer for me if you have a few seconds to spare when midnight strikes on February 3rd. I am about to change my life for the better. I have a feeling this marathon dream is just about to start. 


  1. So excited for you! You can do it! :)

  2. thank you Aimee! jitters are starting to creep in but I'm trying to block them.


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