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Monday, January 21, 2013

Slowly Easing Back To Reality

But I can't get this sight off my mind:

Since we had Maia, this was the longest time (almost a year, whew!) that we haven't gone out of Luzon and that trip we took over the weekend definitely provided us with the breather that we needed. We left with no yaya but this was the first trip we took when the kid was itching to prove that she can do A LOT of things on her own now so it was a welcomed break for me. I had the chance to just lie on the sand and soak in blank thoughts. I didn't have margaritas or mojitos for company but still that felt really good, I'm telling 'ya. Just to close your eyes and think of nothing. Good, good, good! Especially for a chronic worrier like me.

Today, I came back to work. And to a huge pile of paper. But of course, I'm still hungover. And I can almost still smell the salty breeze.

I should probably fix myself a cup of coffee to shake this off. Have a great week everyone!

I was able to take a photo of the family feet but had to fight tooth and nail to get the kid to stay still for 5 seconds. She was just so enamored by the sight of the beach she was dancing and running like crazy the entire time we are at the beach. not beach-loving mom + dad = CRAZY BEACH LOVING KID (just doesn't add up, don't you think?)

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