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Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday To Our Daddy Pogi!

I ran out of surprises today. And so, I just greeted my husband with the sweetest happy birthday I could muster and most loving kiss I could give right after saying a quick morning prayer. I hope that is enough. Although I do feel my lousiest today as you would know, I am big sucker for surprises (I keep throwing them even if my husband already expressed dislike over it).

So maybe today was really just about giving the husband what he wanted. A quiet birthday that he welcomed personally and without a kid badgering him to wake up and blow his birthday cake. We've been doing that since our kid learned to walk and mumble "happy birthday". Honestly, I wanted to do that because I wanted to make memories for the little girl. I wanted her to think of how special birthdays are and the best idea I came up with was cutting the birthday boy's sleep short and forcing him to blow his birthday candle at dawn. The kid really loved it (and would often replay the videos from years back) but now I'm not so sure if the husband felt the same. 

Tonight, we're going to quietly enjoy our KFC dinner at home. The birthday boy requested that we make an exception to our weekday pescatarian diet tonight and let him enjoy his KFC chicken guiltlessly. So yes, I have no issues with granting this birthday wish at all. And maybe we can squeeze in sometime for movie night later. I miss movie dates at home anyways since we've been putting too much time on our marathon training these past few weeks we hardly get to do our Thursday dates anymore.

To our dearest Daddy Pogi (as the little miss would fondly call the husband lately), happy happy birthday! Yes 34 is off the charts but you will forever remain 30 to us. So don't worry! (and my advance apologies for posting this pic hehe)

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