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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking a leap: Cutting My Own Bangs

I was never vanidosa. But name any girl who would claim not to give a damn about their hair, I don't think there's a lot of them out there. Majority would probably (albeit some maybe hesitantly) admit to the fact that they consider their hair to be their crowning glory.

So yes, I do take my hair seriously. Even more seriously than my skin, in fact. When I was single, I used to frequent salons. I don't get to have regular hair treatments and I've never undergone hair rebonding or any of those hair fads (yes virgin hair, i have!) but I've never ever considered cutting my own hair. Not even my bangs. I was never the risk taker when it came to experimenting with my hair (probably because of a few disastrous incidents when I attempted to do so). I've always entrusted it to professionals. And I've always gone the safer, trusted route (which is baby bangs, soft layers, just a little above the shoulders although a few times in college I did went super short but terribly regretted that-pls refer to above side note).

Today, however, I took a big leap and decided the last minute to do my own bangs. I saw this tutorial by My Soul is the Sky  in twitter a few days ago (via manilamommy) but I did not take it to heart then. I viewed it but didn't think I can do it so I sent it to the back burner (i though maybe one day but not now most definitely). I decided to subscribe to the blog though because she did wonderful braids and I wanted to try experimenting on braids when Maia grows her hair a lot longer and seeing it on my reading list somehow got me visiting the site everyday since then.

This morning, I was supposed to go to the salon to get my hair done for a wedding we're going to this afternoon (Tibs and I are going to be principal sponsors for the first time, can you believe that? I still can't up to now hehe) but I got really lazy to even leave the house. Tibs told me my hair is nice looking when tied in a bun so I thought I'll just do that instead. I tried tying it and it looked okay. I noticed that my bangs grew really long though and realized they might look better when they're shorter. Light bulb moment and well, maybe I'm really just braver in the mornings, led me to opening the tutorial and tada, a few minutes after, I have new side swept bangs. I got a bit crossed-eyed making the cut in front of the mirror so I kind of cut the bangs shorter than the tutorial suggested (which was supposed to be just right below my nose but I cut mine a good one inch shorter, see how messy I get?) but when I side-swept it, it surprisingly looked good. So yeah, I'm happy with how I did.

thank you fx camera app for hiding my grey hair! (i have a lot of them already!)
Thank God for the internet. And for tutorials like this! Now I'm off to get myself and Maia ready for this afternoon (she's always going to be an instant flower girl, I hope she doesn't fall asleep this time).


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