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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Sick

Maia's first summer vacation. Smell of freshly crush sugarcane abound!
I am suddenly terrible missing this place. And my family in Antique. Sigh. Post-holiday blues and probably due to lack of sleep of stress plus the stress of tending to a sick toddler.

I keep reminding myself that this is just but a small hump that will most likely pass in a couple of days but my mind eventually wandered to different things. And now it's craving for every thing that my home town offers - breathtaking view, fresh air, fresh food most especially.

It's a place that feeds my lazy bones really well. And would be the best cure for my overly exhausted body. 

When they were still signing, non-verbal little beings.

Afternoon fun interacting with cows and goats

Watch the sun set perfectly in our own version of The Shire
View so breath-taking.
There's always a place to feed and let your imagination run wild.

I cannot wait for summer vacation. But I'm pretty sure when that time comes I'd be first to say - HOW TIME FLIES, IT'S ALREADY SUMMER!

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