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Monday, January 9, 2012

Next Attraction: A Better Me In 2012

Like probably majority of people who make resolutions, I was never good at keeping them. I don't even get past January and I break them. But every time a year comes to a close, I always feel giddy. It's probably the anticipation of what new things, new opportunities, new challenges the coming year could bring that makes me feel that way.

This year I didn't make any resolutions again. But vowed one thing - 2012 will definitely end with a better ME. Since I became a mother and a wife, my world mostly evolved around keeping the hubby, the kid and the house. I gave the least priority to me. But now that the kid is growing up and is soon stepping into the world of preschoolers, I realized it's probably the best time for me to now focus on ME. After all, if the ME is happy everything else should follow. 

So for starters, I've started doing three things that I think would be easiest for me to sustain. They are:

1 - Finding a skincare regimen that is easy to do and easy on the pocket. Last year, I can give myself a five already since I've learned to moisturize already. But this year, I wanted to trump that one and up the scale a few points more. I promised to exfoliate, tone and put sunblock as well. And Human Heart Nature is going to help me make that happen. I've now stocked up and is so far successful for the last 3 days. I just need to make a habit out of this (it takes 21 days right?) and I'll be breezing through this like a pro. Here's what I've been doing so far:

Wash using Celeteque facial wash and apply Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer before I leave for work. I only use the moisturizer sparingly though because my face tends to get very oily. When I don't leave the house, I apply a drop of Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Oil instead. (I'm replacing this soon with Human Heart Nature's Day Fluid. Just waiting for them to restock)

Wash with Celeteque facial wash again, tone using Human Heart Nature's Hydrating Toner and apply Human Heart Nature's 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen. 

I've been using Human Heart Nature products for almost 2 years now and I really like them (well mostly because they're all natural and budget-friendly). They don't feel harsh at all and I'm really loving how the night cream makes my skin feel hydrated. I exfoliate at least 3x a week using Celeteque exfoliating wash (the one with the beads). I am optimistic that I could turn this one into a habit. I have soft, glowing skin clipped on my vision board for added inspiration. Hehe.

currently loving these products. they're all natural and very budget-friendly!

2 - Read and ACTUALLY finish at least one book every month (my friend Raizza has been doing this and I think it's a great idea). 
I used to really love reading. But that has since taken the back seat. This year, I'm rekindling that passion for reading to influence my daughter and to keep her interested in books. I don't want to pressure her into reading really but I'm hoping that when she sees me enjoying it, she might just think it's really something good to do :) Right now I've started reading One Day by David Nicholls. I initially planned on reading this before I saw the movie but I didn't make the time last year. 

I cried buckets in the movie. and I'm probably going to cry more reading this book

3 - Minimize hours spent on computer games and blog more often instead. 
I've been most successful with this one. I hope though that I get to sustain this the most since I do tend to be easily addicted once I start with a certain game. So what I try do right now is just to totally avoid clicking whatever request I get in Facebook most especially since that's where I usually spend most gaming hours in.

So there, three little tiny steps at a time and I sure am on my way to a better me in 2012. Wish me luck!

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