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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chocolate Fire

I like surprises. But unfortunately I'm married to someone who's not fond of it. So surprises are rare in my romantic world because it is really tasking for him to pull off. He's tried a couple of times, but he always ends up spilling the beans before the actual surprise happens. No issue there. I've already accepted the reality of me not ever getting surprises on birthdays and special occasions when I decided to marry the guy. Hehe.

What makes my heart flutter though is knowing that even if he really, really abhors Valentine's day (he thinks it's really more of a commercialism thing rather than a special occasion) he still goes the extra mile to come home with a special treat for me. For the past 2 Valentine's days he's been getting my chocolate treats from this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful chocolate shop in Salcedo Village in Makati. And all I can say is their chocolates are heaven on earth. I've been constantly craving for them eversince Tibs first brought a few of them home. Last year, we spent our anniversary dinner in their quaint + quiet resto (same location as the shop). (Mental note: schedule another dinner with the hubby there. food is great and the hot chocolate is just heavenly!) **notice how many times I've mentioned the word heavenly in this paragraph. i really suck at food/resto reviews hahaha**

I don't want to bore you anymore with my blabber. Instead, let me share with you some of the photos I took of my chocolate treats last Valentine's day:

the treats came in dainty kraft boxes. our little girl immediately grabbed this from his dad's grasp when she saw the pretty ribbons.
I'm at my weakest when there's a dark chocolate and mint combo in front of me. Ahh this was good.
Chocolate barks on the topmost part of this photo - no idea what they're called but the one on the left is dark choc with 2 kinds of nuts and the one on the right is milk choco. I also got strawberry, varieties of dark, milk and white chocolates, and that pyramid shaped one is milk chocs with chili (love this one too). 
Tibs may not be the best when it comes to surprises but he sure knows very well how to make me happy. And that is more than enough for me! (**insert cheese nyehehe**)

Chocolate Fire
PDCP Bank Centre
Leviste cor Rufino Sts, Salcedo Village Makati City
Tel nos: +632 8403473/+632 8400808/09282826527

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