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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something For The Homebody: Gardening

Gardening is one of Tibs's favorite hobbies (he's only got 2 anyways - the gadgets and that - lolz). Our neighbors would always compliment our landscaping and would express their awe when told that Tibs did it (with minimal help from the village gardeners) himself. 

Getting Down and Dirty
When we're anticipating our favorite lazy weekends, he would make sure to squeeze in some garden time. Kitchen time (and of late i'm also starting to enjoy Crafts time) is my therapy, his would be this. He would look forward to dropping by the garden shop and would never come home empty handed. Most of the flowers and plants in our garden though were either given to us by friendly neighbors, by the village gardeners or brought home by us from a visit to Angeles or Antique. Come to think of it, most of the garden expenses were for the soil, fertilizer and grass. The garden just came to be this beautiful because of all the effort (read: hardwork) that Tibs's painstakingly put into it. Now, this part of our home has become our favorite corner. Maia and I would usually hold our arts and crafts sessions here. On lazy afternoons, we would just plop on the grass and munch on meryenda. When my parents come over to visit, they would come out and prefer to have their morning coffee here. 
everyone else is down on the ground except me hehe
Watching Tibs work in the garden has somehow inspired me to challenge my planting skills. And when I saw a Maqui's herb garden, that got me inspired even more to pursue Tibs' suggestion of me taking up a corner of the garden and turning it into my own herb garden. We've already have some sweet basil, tarragon, oregano and peppermint growing in there but I'm hoping to add more herbs and prettify this corner. I already have this set this in my summer goals. Hopefully before the rainy season kicks in, my plants will all be thriving already and could already withstand the rains.  
Italian Oregano and flowering Tarragon
I know this is me dreaming big again but I'm hoping that with me doing this, we will be able to encourage Maia to be more conscious of her environment, to learn to care for it and to raise her to be a nature lover. Model what you intend your child to be, right? I could only hope we're doing the right thing here.
this basil plant is now all over our garden. it was surprisingly easy to grow and i didn't even have to intervene with it's propagation (hahaha)


  1. huwaw! ang daming halaman! inggit akey!
    sis, when you see the flowers of the basil plants, putulin niyo! kapag may flowers na, from my experience, and sa nakita ko sa neighbors ko, ibigsabihin, malapit na sila mamatay. what is good naman with basils, madali sila padamihin, putol ka lang ng branch at itusok sa lupa, mabubuhay na sila.

    1. maqui! nakailang bulaklak na nga yang mother plant na yan pero eto 2 weeks ago lang nag show na signs na mamamatay na :( nagkalat na nga mga basil seedlings sa garden sis. hinangin siguro kung san san na sila napadpad. pero subukan ko yang suggestion mo na putulin tsaka tanim para lalong dumami :) tenks tenks!


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