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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 Photos Are Up!

Looking at this makes me miss the adrenaline rush brought about by the feeling of running on an empty highway and racing with thousands of running enthusiasts

Yes, I'm still not over with my half-marathon stories and Condura Skyway Marathon narratives. Forgive me for this over-dose but it will probably take me some time to get over it given the fact that it might be my last race for this year. The official race photographer - Active Moments - has already released almost all of the race photos and I can't help but marvel over them. There are literally thousands of them but I unfortunately was only able to find Tibs' photos. Haven't found any photos of me yet. Bummer, no? (and I was telling Tibs, I was the first-timer why did you have to take the limelight off me?!#$!#)

Here is some of Tibs' photos as captured by Active Moments' Photographers:

You having fun? I am having fun! Thumb-up!

It turns out that my forgetting to bring Tibs' race shirt was a blessing because it made searching for the photos easier since not a lot of runners were wearing black (lolz). It was a good thing too that the shirts were a bit stretchy so Tibs was able to fit into my size S shirt (yes, that explains the instant sexiness. mind you he wasn't breathing all through out the race. wahaha)
And here's the only photo us Tibs and me that I found. I almost didn't make it to the frame cut! Lolz.

I'm still keeping my hopes up and is optimistic that I do have my own photos hidden somewhere in those thousands of race photos. Hah! I'm suddenly missing the efficiency of photovendo. For now, I am having fun viewing some of the race videos in You Tube. Let me share with you some of them.

Watching this video still makes me feel giddy! 

There's a reason why I chose this (there's tons in you tube)...
it's because we're in this video! Lolz.

I haven't ran a lot since CSM. Well, actually I've only ran once since and that was last Thursday when I decided to do a recovery run which was still a bit painful especially on my right ankle. I was hoping though to be back on my normal running form this weekend. I  just can't wait to hit the road! I've been doing some indoor cardio exercises for the meantime so I won't gain back the weight that I've lost while I was still training. I'm hoping to lose at least 3 lbs more before our big project for this year takes full control of me and my body. *wink*wink

Hop on over to this site if you'd like to view the photos from this year's race. I'm already thinking about next year, and I'm hoping I can still run by then. If not well then, I still have my marathon training to look forward to. I can't wait to start that!

All photos are from the Condura Skyway Marathon facebook page and website.

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