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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mr. Clean, Mrs. Mess

"Okay, I've tidied up the kitchen. You can now make a mess"

This is Tibs' usual monologue especially on weekends when our helper takes her day off. When I get busy in the kitchen, I really make a huge mess. And since our dining area also serves as our kitchen/prep area, the sight would sometimes bother him to the point of irritability maybe that he'd start tidying up even before I get my menu done. Despite this, he rarely complains. I think he's just too proud to admit it but cleaning up is his therapy just as cooking is for me. And I guess that's where our yin-and-yang really lies: on me being the messy partner and him being the clean up guy. 

When we decided to get married, we never really sat down  and talk about how we can equally divide the tasks at home. But I guess Tibs has always known that I demanded equality even in marriage so the division of labor somehow just fell into place. He's the treasurer, I'm the spender. I shop for groceries, he carries them. I take care of arts and crafts time with Maia, he cleans after us. (Perfect lang, di ba????)

Tibs is really OC when it comes to cleanliness, tidiness and neatness. The guy takes at least 4 baths when he's at home fer cryin' out loud. If that isn't enough affirmation to his OC-ness then I don't know what is. Well I can probably list down several other weird ways of him expressing his being a neat-freak but I won't. Because I love him like that. Lolz. 

I now actually have no idea what drove to start writing this post but my subconscious was probably directing me to make another THANK YOU post for this wonderful guy that decided to marry me for messy or for worse (and even worst). He probably didn't expect it to be as worst as this but I know he already accepted me as me (with the mess and all), so sweetie I THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE (and sometimes even the lack of it hehe), FOR YOUR LOVE AND FOR YOUR ABILITY TO TIDY THINGS UP NO MATTER HOW HUGE THE (MY) MESS IS.

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