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Monday, March 26, 2012

Greens For Breakfast

Really?! Greens for breakfast you ask? Very unconventional, don't you think? My co-workers winced when I mentioned this to them. Well what greens are those exactly?

I'm referring to green smoothies and yes, I'm leveling up with this BETTER ME by the end of 2012 thing. I'm now on my fourth day today. I'm been planning to do this for so long but I always manage to come up with valid (who says so? I DO so!) excuses but because of my BETTER ME project this year every excuse I came up with has since seem very trivial. What sparked and moved me even more to finally do it were several photo posts in Facebook by a childhood friend sharing her new adventures with raw food diet. She had been constantly posting her smoothies recipes and it urged me to finally try making my own. Budget was once a major constraint that hindered me from embarking on this 'smoothie' adventure because the smoothie recipes that I came across earlier called for ingredients that were a bit expensive for me and I couldn't honestly squeeze them into my weekly budget. But when I saw my friend's recipes, I was surprised she only utilized locally and easily available veggies and fruits. Super yey! So last Thursday, while I was on a holiday break from work I finally bought some pechay, ripe mangoes, fresh buko (juice and meat), parsley and bananas. My friend uses buko juice instead of water and I guess that's another thing that encouraged me. Fresh buko on its own it already sweet so I took comfort on that. I trusted that the buko juice alone would save me from feeling queasy about the drink.
before the adding the buko juice
I planned to start last Thursday but by the time I had the ingredients on hand I already ate breakfast so I decided to start on Friday instead. I read somewhere that green smoothies are most effective/best taken as your first 'meal' of the day. That way your body can easily absorb the nutrients in the drink. So Friday morning, I finally drew the courage but kept asking Tibs to wish me luck (yes I know medyo OA) because looking at the veggies and fruits (before blending) I can't seem to imagine how they would taste altogether. But when I finally took a sip, it was amazingly sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste (which to me was quite the good kind of after-taste) probably due to the parsley. I've been having the smoothie since Friday and I can't tell yet if it's making any difference on me. For one I guess, I have to really give up coffee so I can maximize the effectivity of this diet to its fullest. Well, I do not have the drive to that just yet. I've cut down on my daily consumption (from 3 I'm now down to 2 yehey, right?) and I'm hoping by the end of this week I can finally manage with just one cup (goodluck, goodluck!)

My friend also referred me to this wonderful site: Incredible Smoothies and I'm so excited to try the other recipes in here. If you're planning to start on green smoothie diet, this FAQ sheet might help you. 

Cheers to a healthy week ahead for all of us!


To make 1 tall glass of green smoothie, this is my recipe:

1 handful of native pechay leaves
1 handful of parsley
about half a cup of buko juice
about half a cup of crushed iced buko juice (i freeze them using ice bags)
1/2 cup of ripe mangoes
1 piece medium sized banana
wanna share a glass with me? :)
Tomorrow, I'm going to try using native kangkong instead of pechay. Wish me luck! ^_^

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